No Limits Track Day 13th of August 2013

Hello all and sorry for my absence over the recent months, having started a new job in Wales and getting almost everything set up (just need broadband now) its been a busy period.


On the 13th of August I was out on track with No Limits at Oulton Park, the weather was varied during the day with 2 sessions starting off wet but then the rest of the day was nice and dry.  The other main difference for this track day is the new bike.  I’ve upgraded to a 2007 Honda CBR600RR and the thing is a missile!

To explain the day in a bit more detail the day started with Adam Griffin of Race Dynamics helping me to set the suspension to suit my weight and riding style, this allowed me to have confidence that the front end was going to do what I wanted it to do.  Apart from that the day was spent running around, remembering how to ride on track, gaining confidence in the new bike and slowly working myself to be smoother on the bike and trying to tell myself that slow is smooth and smooth is fast… least that is the logic.

The Arc-On leathers worked wonders again and this time I had the advantage of using the Arc-On Competizione gloves which are brilliant. That’s enough of me waffling on now and I’ll just share a few of the photos from the day


Arc-On Competizione Gloves

Arc-On Competizione Gloves


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