Helmet and bike stickers

Hi all.

During the long, cold and dark winter months I’ve been doing anything to pass the time until it is the weather for doing trackdays again on the trusty CBR600RR. One thing that I thought of was to get some visor stickers done to advertise my wesbite.  After having a look around on eBay I settled on a company called StickerTec who were quick to answer any questions that I had. The products arrived quickly and whilst I was on their website another item came to my attention, that although I hope I will never need might come in handy if riding out on the road at any point.  Once I received the first batch of stickers the quality was amazing and it got me thinking that maybe the bike could do with having a few shameless self promoting stickers too. A brief specification was given to Mark at StickerTec and he did the rest, there was only one alteration needed and this was communicated back the same day. With the business side of the sticker process taken care of I decided to have a logo designed and for that to go on the back of the seat unit. My wife sketched the initial idea which was then forwarded to Mark, he created a computerised version within 2 days and from that there was only one alteration to be made again until I was happy with it.  With the order placed they took about 3 days to arrive from printing to arriving at my door. They were all straightforward and easy to apply to the fairings and helmet and have helped to finish off the design of the bike.  To anyone looking for stickers for their motorbike, helmet or anything else, I can recommend StickerTec to them.

To check them out on Facebook click here

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