The adventures of Merlin

With the ever improving light and weather we have been heading out with the camera more to capture the travels, adventures and experiences of our Golden Retriever puppy. Living just 10 minutes away from the local beach area he is enjoying daily runs and swims when the tide and conditions allow. It is giving me great opportunities to hone my skills at photographing a dog running at full speed which isn’t as easy as I would have thought and can provide more of a challenge compared to motorbikes.


We have recently had the joy of taking him up to the Lake District that I consider my second home in many respects. He loves the freedom and the open spaces. Since Christmas he has got more confident with his ability to swim and now the water is not the barrier to his travels and enjoyment that it used to be. We hope you enjoy looking at the photographs as much as I enjoy taking them!




Gee Tech Paddock stands.

Hi all.

After having bought my old bike back I was on the lookout for some top quality paddock stands to use on trackdays and in the garage to enable me to remove the wheels for maintenance tasks and to change from dry tyres to wets as the weather sometimes dictates on trackdays. Rather than go for the obvious big companies who are sometimes cold to deal with I asked around on the forums and a common theme soon emerged. Why not try Gav at Gee Tech? After having quickly found his Facebook page and got in contact with him. Very quickly my order was placed after a brief discussion to decide what stands I wanted and the colour of wheels I wanted fitted.

With no immediate rush for the stands I was kept up to date on the progress of the stands, this again setting Gav aside from larger companies. When I was sent a picture of the completed stands awaiting postage I was excited to get them and to lift the bike using them to see how they fitted compared to some of the other brands I have used in the past and I was blown away by the build quality and the actual function of the stands.

Below is a small gallery of photogrpahs I have compiled to try and show of the amazing quality of the Gee Tech stands.

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Helmet and bike stickers

Hi all.

During the long, cold and dark winter months I’ve been doing anything to pass the time until it is the weather for doing trackdays again on the trusty CBR600RR. One thing that I thought of was to get some visor stickers done to advertise my wesbite.  After having a look around on eBay I settled on a company called StickerTec who were quick to answer any questions that I had. The products arrived quickly and whilst I was on their website another item came to my attention, that although I hope I will never need might come in handy if riding out on the road at any point.  Once I received the first batch of stickers the quality was amazing and it got me thinking that maybe the bike could do with having a few shameless self promoting stickers too. A brief specification was given to Mark at StickerTec and he did the rest, there was only one alteration needed and this was communicated back the same day. With the business side of the sticker process taken care of I decided to have a logo designed and for that to go on the back of the seat unit. My wife sketched the initial idea which was then forwarded to Mark, he created a computerised version within 2 days and from that there was only one alteration to be made again until I was happy with it.  With the order placed they took about 3 days to arrive from printing to arriving at my door. They were all straightforward and easy to apply to the fairings and helmet and have helped to finish off the design of the bike.  To anyone looking for stickers for their motorbike, helmet or anything else, I can recommend StickerTec to them.

To check them out on Facebook click here

No Limits Track Day 13th of August 2013

Hello all and sorry for my absence over the recent months, having started a new job in Wales and getting almost everything set up (just need broadband now) its been a busy period.


On the 13th of August I was out on track with No Limits at Oulton Park, the weather was varied during the day with 2 sessions starting off wet but then the rest of the day was nice and dry.  The other main difference for this track day is the new bike.  I’ve upgraded to a 2007 Honda CBR600RR and the thing is a missile!

To explain the day in a bit more detail the day started with Adam Griffin of Race Dynamics helping me to set the suspension to suit my weight and riding style, this allowed me to have confidence that the front end was going to do what I wanted it to do.  Apart from that the day was spent running around, remembering how to ride on track, gaining confidence in the new bike and slowly working myself to be smoother on the bike and trying to tell myself that slow is smooth and smooth is fast… least that is the logic.

The Arc-On leathers worked wonders again and this time I had the advantage of using the Arc-On Competizione gloves which are brilliant. That’s enough of me waffling on now and I’ll just share a few of the photos from the day


Arc-On Competizione Gloves

Arc-On Competizione Gloves


Race Dynamics day at Oulton Park

Hi all, been a wee while since my last post so thought I would shake my head from side to side and see what words rattled out.

Last Wednesday I went to Oulton Park to cover a day of instructing carried out by Adam Griffin of Race Dynamics, the day was great with me once again being able to concentrate on one person and the photos for him, it also gave me chance to listen in to what he was telling people so a sneaky bit of free instruction and know what to look for what I might be doing wrong.

It was a very enjoyable day and hopefully soon I will be getting some instruction from Adam and taking chunks off my laptimes hopefully…. just have to stay upright for a full day now.

NEMCRC Meeting at Croft, April 2013

Hi all, well it has been too long since my last post and now that the first round of my racing season has got under way with the camera I feel like I have something to post about now. It was a great day on the Saturday which is the only day I could attend, looking forward to the other rounds this year.

Arc-on Motorcycle Clothing

With the better weather and trackdays soon approaching I thought I would feature the company that is behind my leathers for 2013 and the years to come judging by the quality of the suit.  The company is called Arc-on Motorcycle Clothing and they do not only leathers but textile gear for every day use.


The suit that I have is called the Evolution suit, it has external seam protectors on the knees, shoulders and elbows, my aim is to never have to test them though!  The back of the thigh has raised panels of Stingray skin, this designed to help glide down the road in the event of a lowside, helping to protect the leather from getting damaged.  From the product testing carried out by Arc-on it works brilliantly and has been tested in anger by the riders that Arc-on support in various race series that includes British Superbike, British Superstock and for 2013 the Triumph Triple Challenge.  The stretch panels work to allow full movement when on the bike without stress points being created on the body which could cause discomfort when riding.  The back of the neck features soft material to aid in comfort whilst the sleeve cuffs have neoprene to help with getting gloves on, this works brilliantly with the gloves that Arc-on produce which I have recently bought.IMG_8868

 The body armour included in the suit is made by Forcefield who are one of the market leaders in the world of body armour for motorcycling and many other sports.  They also produce the pro sub 4, the worlds first back protector to transmit less than 4KN of energy to the riders back in the event of an accident, enough reason to buy one!


Stingray skin panel on the Arc-on Evolution race suit

The base suit that I used for sizing was a size 42 which was then altered to give me a suit that was longer in the arm.  This created a suit that was the perfect fit for me, the colours can also be fully customised to create the suit you see belowIMG_8841